Arturo Martini


Arturo Martini born in Treviso in 1889; he leaves school early and started working as an apprentice at thirteen in a goldsmiths, proving very early his artistic inclination, with an ability to see things in their form. He will take inspiration from the most diverse artistic expressions, especially ancient art. In 1906 he attended the studio of the sculptor Antonio Carlini, who transfers him his love for Canova’s sculptures. The following year he exhibited eight works in Treviso.

He moved to Venice in 1908, to study with Urbano Nono and at the School of Nude at theAcademy of Fine Arts, then in Monaco where his teacher was Adolf von Hildebrand. He spent many hours of the day in the museums to admire the great artists of the past. In Paris he comes into contact with the experiences of the avant garde, without getting impressed.

He will always be a self-taught, intolerant to rules; also his adherence to cultural movements of the time can be considered quite anarchic.

For his works he looks at some important past masters like Canova, Verrocchio, Giotto and to all ancient art, like Roman imperial sculptures and to the bodies found in Pompei. He died in Milan in 1947.