Evgenij Shipov

Born in Kostroma in 1927, from 1940 to 1948 he attended the studio of the painter Schlein who had taken refuge there during the Second World War. After finishing school he enrolled at the Art Institute of Targa then in 1955 graduated at the “Surikov” in Moscow in the Degree course of Graphics held by B.A. Dechtjarev. After studying collaborates with many publishing houses. In 1962 he enters into the organization of the Regional Fund for the Arts and in 1968 became a member of the Association of Artists in Moscow. From 1963 he began to exhibit his works, participating at international events too. From the Sixties is assiduously present to the most important artistic events in Moscow, winning several awards and honours. Since the early sixties, he devoted himself mainly to portraits and thematic works; changing topic in the eighties with the landscapes. After his lasts exhibitions, his works have entered in the official circuits and are currently exposed in lots of national and European museums. The artist works within the tradition of the school of Russian realism, through his works he wants to spread the joy of life and his ideal of beauty.

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