Giovanni Romagnoli


Giovanni Romagnoli was born in Faenza in 1893. In 1906 he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. After graduating in 1911, he immediately participates in events of national importance such the exhibitions of Roman Secession and the annual exhibitions of Francesco Francia Association. In 1917 he won the Curlandese Prize, one of the most prestigious awards for young artists. With Protti, Pizzirani, Fioresi and Corsi, they are called “Secessionist”, also with the group of Morandi, Vespignani, Severo Pozzati, Licini and Mario Bacchelli. In 1920 he was awarded of the Baruzzi Prize and in 1921 was present at the Rome Biennale with other Bolognese painters. In 1924 he was invited to the XIII exhibition of the Carnegie Prize, winning the second prize and raising the interest of the American critics. In the same year Romagnoli was invited to exhibit nineteen works at XIV Venice Biennale. In 1925 he participates again at Carnegie Prize in Pittsburgh and the following year he was appointed as a member of the jury along with Pierre Bonnard. In 1927 he held solo exhibitions in Cleveland and Chicago. He also continues to participates in national exhibitions in which he is constantly invited. In 1927 he decorates the Teatro Verdi in Bologna. In 1930 and 1931 he is still present at the Carnegie Prize with Carena. In 1935 he is present at the second edition of the Rome Quadriennale. In Bologna obtained the chair of Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts until 1940. In this year the Venice Biennale dedicates him a personal exhibition. After the war he exhibites his works in Bologna, but the welcome is not very warm from critics. He seems to become an isolated artist: in 1948 Venice Biennale shows only two of his paintings. In America, however, he had to paint a wall in the Italian room at the University of Pittsburgh. He continues to participate in local exhibitions and, since 1953, he is present at the national editions of contemporary engraving in Venice. In 1956 six works are at the Venice Biennale. In 1956 Romagnoli was appointed director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, until 1960. In 1961, on the initiative of the Francesco Francia Association, opened at Palazzo Re Enzo an important retrospective of the artist curated by Bottari, Gnudi, Archangeli and Raimondi. There are 150 works including paintings, sculptures, drawings and etchings.

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