Luciano Minguzzi


Luciano Minguzzi born in Bologna in 1911. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, following the course of E. Drei for sculpture and G. Morandi for graphics. His research takes place in a figurative world full of expressive and existential accents; in the relation between volume, mass, space and light, he offers different solutions but always careful to material and structural values. In the works of the postwar period the example of Picasso has further stimulated this vital tension.

After 1950 his sculpture, influenced by contemporary British sculpture, give rise to appearances of mysterious characters, released from any anatomical verisimilitude. He receives international recognition (the Venice Biennale in 1950 and Sao Paulo in 1951) and he makes monumental works as the door of the cathedral of Milan (1965) and La Porta del Bene e del Male for S. Pietro in Rome (1970 – 77). In 2012, one year after the centenary of his birth, there was in Bologna at Fondazione del Monte a retrospective exhibition, with bronze, wood and sketches. His sculpture is, from the beginning, full of expressive skills and narrative possibilities. He died in Milan in 2004.

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