Mirella Guasti


Mirella Guasti was born Milam. She lives between Verona and Treviso. Coming from classical and linguistic studies, she recovers only later her natural inclination for art: for this, she attends training courses for ceramic, nude and sculpture. She is present, since 1995, in Italian art fairs (Padova, Lugano, Pesaro, Verona, Piacenza, Bari, Reggio Emilia, Genova), and in some collective exhibitions in Treviso, Asolo, Conegliano, New York, Vienna, Innsbruck. In 2005 she is included in the book “Novecento.Pittura e scultura” for the important exhibition at Galleria d’Arte Cinquantasei curated by Rossana Bossaglia. Since that time she works exclusively for Galleria d’Arte Cinquantasei which organizes her a series of solo and group exhibitions.

Since 2006 Galleria d’Arte Cinquantasei always organized small personal exhibition of Mirella Guasti in all major exhibition event in which it participates: Arte Fiera Bologna, Arte Innsbruck, ArteFirenze, ArteGenova, ArtePadova, ArtVerona, Bergamo Arte Fiera, Ghota Parma, Modena Antiquaria, Napoli Arte Fiera. In the last decade have been made about 60 solo exhibitions.

Since 2015 she is also present in international exhibits too: The Armory Show New York, Art Karlsruhe Germany, Frieze Art Fair London, Art Paris. It’s in 2010, from September until November, the solo art exhibit of Mirella Guasti “Gallerie al Museo”at the International Ceramics Faenza Museum. In May 2010 six big works are exhibited in the little square of Via IV Novembre in Bologna, near Piazza Maggiore and, because of the success achieved, the exhibit is extended until 2012. In 2011 Vittorio Sgarbi, a remarkable italian critic, invites her at the Venice Biennale. In 2013 another solo exhibit with art installation of Mirella’s works have been organized in the center of Chieti. We are going to repeat the same experience in Capri town from the 16th of July until the 27th of September. The exhibit will start in the Epoché and Nabis spaces and will follow with the installation of ten artistic pieces along the streets of Capri town.

Since she works exclusively with Galleria d’Arte Cinquantasei have been realized four books of her works presented by important art crititics as: Rossana Bossaglia, Sandro Parmiggiani, Lorella Pagnucco Salvemini, director of Arte In.