Norma Mascellani


Norma Mascellani was born in Bologna in 1909. After attending the Regazzi Academy 1925-1927 (with Luciano Minguzzi, Pompilio Mandelli, Giuseppe Gagliardi), in 1928 she enrolled at the Art School, where she attended the courses of Giovanni Romagnoli for painting and Guglielmo Pizzirani for ornamental design. In 1931 she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts. She studied with

Giorgio Morandi, for engraving, Augusto Majani, Ferruccio Giacomelli and Alfredo Protti for painting. In summer 1935 she won the Competition Moj reserved for the best graduate.

Already at the Academy she began to exhibit: there is news of an exhibition with Ilario Rossi and Luciano Minguzzi. She had gold medal for the painting Viale Aldini at the “IV National Exhibition of Art of the Landscape” held in Bologna in the summer of 1934. In 1935 she participates at the second Rome Quadriennale. It is in1937 the first solo of the young artist in Bologna at Press Club with 40 paintings, some pastel drawings and numerous engravings.

These are the years in which become definite the poetic world of the young painter, entirely dedicated to the identification of atmosphere. In 1940 the artist participated in the XXII Venice Biennale with one of her first marine dedicated to the magic atmosphere of San Giorgio. In June, it opens at the Bottega dei Vàgeri of Viareggio a second solo exhibition. In 1946 she is present at the exhibition “Mostra del bozzetto”, organized by the Art Club. In 1947 she is at the First Prize Modena, with Afro, Capogrossi, Casorati, Cassinari, Corsi, De Pisis, Gentilini, Guidi, Maccari, Mandelli, Morandi, Sironi, Soffici, Tosi, Vedova. In June 1950 she was present at the XXV Venice Biennale, and she is also invited to the VI Quadriennale of Rome.

In 1985, Bologna dedicates a retrospective exhibition to the artist. She died in 2009.