Aleksander Sedov

Born in Moscow in 1919, since he was a child, Sedov was introduced to the art’s world by an uncle, a man of great culture, an ex official of the Tsarist Army. He enrolled at the Art’s Institute of Moscow, and participates at the first exhibitions receiving honors and awards. During the Second World War Sedov break up his activity as painter that will get back only later signing up for the Art School in Moscow. Since 1953 he will always be present at the national and international pansovietic exhibitions. In 1954, at the end of the Stalin period, Sedov dedicated himself to the study of the French impressionists; the fifties were years of intense work whose fruits will enrich the museums of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Belarus, especially the halls of the Museum and the Culture’s Palace of Moscow; morover Sedov has been the President of the most important association of painters of the Ex USSR (Moscow Artists Association) for over fifteen years. The considerable fame achieved allows him to be honoured with one of the most important awards that a Soviet painter could receive, the title of “meritorious Artist of Russia” conferred him in 1980.

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