Boris Efimov

Boris Efimov, who died at the age of 108 years in 2008, was the personal cartoonist of Stalin. During his youth he was an important politician: in 1928 he was the head of the USSR delegation received in Rome by Mussolini, at the time head of the government in Italy, for the official thanks for the discovery of the Nobile’s red curtain. But in 1938, Michail Kolzov, editor in chief of the magazine Pravda and brother of Boris Efimov, was executed after an hasty trial for publishing materials favourable to the political activity of Trotsckj, the biggest enemy of the government. Despite all the political vicissitudes of his family, Efimov continued to work for the most important newspapers in the Soviet Union (Pravda, Izvetija, Krokodil). Exhibitions of his works have been, and still are, held in many important spaces, public and private.

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