Ivan Hripcenko

Hripcenko, like all children of his generation, suffered all the pains and fears of the war and post-war, working in the “Kolchoz”. He was permanently injured at the leg cause of a plow and in this way he could no longer work in the fields and he devoted himself to the painting. After a short stay in Dushanbe, in Central Asia, settled for many years to Sariassa where he worked as an artist of the local Park and where he was able to start a private atelier. From the end of the sixties were organized his solo exhibitions and in 1989 Hripcenko was welcomed among the members of the Union of Artists of the USSR. The worsening of relations between the various ethnic groups in Central Asia forced Hripcenko to leave everything he had built up over the years to move in 1992 in the Saratov region here and start all over again.

Exhibitions: present in many public exhibitions in the Ex USSR; in the years ’67, ’70, ’74 and ’84 took place in Termez his solo exhibitions and in 1991 the “Exhibition of Russian artists” exposed his works in the United States, Finland and Germany.

Presence in museums: Hripcenko’s works are exhibited in many museums and culture’s palaces of Uzbekistan, of Taskent, of Dushanbe, of Samarkanda, of Saratov in Ukraine, of Crimea and his works are located in galleries and private collections in France, Finland, Germany and the United States. Several awards “Gramota” and many honors were conferred to Hripcenko throughout his artistic career by important institutions such as the Culture’s Ministry of the USSR.

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