Lev Verkman

Born in Moscow in 1924, Verkman begins his artistic apprenticeship in 1932 by attending evening classes at the Art Institute “1905”. He left his studies to participate as a volunteer at the World War II and will get them back in 1947 enrolling at the Art Academy in Moscow; he graduated in 1955 with a work that allows him to obtain the honors and admiration of the jury. In 1957, together with the architect Leonidov, Verkman participates actively at the organization of the great international exhibitions in Brussels and New York. The brilliant results achieved and the constant attendance of the academic environment led him in 1960, to become “Academician of the Russian Republic” and the following year member of the ”Artists Union of the USSR.”. The artist is considered one of the most important Russians mosaicist; his works are on permanent exhibition in the most important cities of the Ex Soviet Union area.

In 1997 he received, from the Russian Culture’s Ministry, the task to paint one of the domes of the famous “Church of the seven golden domes”; the same located along the Moskva River, is one of the most important monuments of the Orthodox religion. In 1917 it was destroyed by the revolutionaries in order to build in its place a public pool. Its reconstruction began in 1992 based on the original designs. It’s called the “Church of the seven golden domes” because the outside of the domes is covered with gold leaf.

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