Svetlana Mashinskaja

Born in Vladivostock, Mashinskaja moved near Moscow at the age of only two years old. She attended the Institute “1905” until 1941 when she left voluntarily for the frontline, she will be discharged four years later. She attended the courses in Romance Philology at the University of Moscow. It dates back to 1952, the beginning of her exhibitions, when she become a member of the Union of Moskow’s Artists too.

Here she continued to work getting regular orders that led her to travel across the country and to achieve the prestigious title of member of the USSR’s Union of Artists . Since the early ’70s until 1992, the year of its closing, the artist continued to follow even the Kombinat’s orders. After the final liberation from thematic choices, requested from the outside, the Mashinskaja continued hers creative activities but only for herself and according to hers most intimate feelings.

Exhibitions: numerous public exhibitions in which she takes part in Moscow from 1952 until 1991.

Presence in museums: her works are stored in many museums through the Ex USRR’s area.

Awards: among other awards it’s important to remind those obtained in the competitions “One of the best work of the year” for 1998, 1990 and 1991.

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